Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nervous about going to Tijuana Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery - Long Term VSG

Patient Tametress share with us her experience about the her journey going through Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico with Dr. Maytorena and Long Term WLS/VSG.  Weight loss surgery patient, Tametress talks about beeing nervous before coming to Tijuana Mexico. 

TaMetress Reed came from Lakeland Florida, she felt very nervous about traveling

And at firs when I…before I decided, when I decided to do it I was very nervous and I didn’t know what to expect but, when I got here the staff at the clinic was fabulous. 

00:21 hmm…they took great care of me, hmm…the doctors, everybody was just pleasant and you know, just pumping me up so, they gave me a little bit more comfort.

00:31 hmm…and then when I came down here to the recovery house it was just amazing hmm, the staff is wonderful and I would recommend anyone if you’re ready to do it 

00:42 …just do it! Because it’s, it’s only up from here.